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Monday, November 1, 2010

New Plans

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my progress and share my struggles trying to lose weight and get healthy.   Once Brennen was born I realized that I needed to change my life so I would be around for him through High School and College.  I am not saying that I wouldn’t make it living the way I have been, but the odds aren’t good. 
I need to change a lot of things about the way I am living before I would ever say that I am acting healthy, and I might never get there.  I think everything is relative.  If I cut 500 calories out and start doing 25 sit ups a day, it has to be better than not doing those things.  I have managed to quit smoking, and that will probably be an ongoing topic for another day.  I am about eight months into cigarette free life, and that is seven months and twenty nine days more than I ever thought I would be.   
So, here’s the thing.  They do not call me Big Joe in some ironic calling the huge guy “Tiny” kind of way.  I am tall and fat.  I find that it helps to be blunt about things.  Any time you are well over 300 pounds you can call yourself fat.  I have started to do some crunches and stretches most mornings, but that really is just helping my back.  My stomach isn’t really shrinking at a good rate, or really at all.  I think it is time to kick things up a notch. 
I am starting to convert my office into a gym.  At least a gym-esque room.  I am going to take all of the bookcases out and move the desk over to one side.  I am going to put a treadmill and some soft floor in to be able to walk all winter and still have a place to do some crunches.  I will post some pictures once I finish of before and after so we can see how it came out!  Wish me luck!
I am also going to keep track of my progress on the blog.  My goal is to run/finish without dying the 2011 Manchester Road Race in Manchester, Connecticut.  I am going to start using some programs on my iPhone to train and I will talk about them on the blog as well. 
Wish me luck and I will keep you informed!

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