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Monday, November 8, 2010

First try on the treadmill!

Well, the conversion from office to gym is just about complete.  The treadmill is in and reassembled.  The tv is all wired and hooked up.  The rest of the furniture is moved out or around and we are ready to go.
The treadmill was the biggest part of the conversion.  It was by far the most difficult.  We had to bring it up from the basement to the second floor.  It turns out those things are heavy, or at least heavier than I thought it would be!  It is a fairly nice one with motorized incline, so there are a couple of electric motors and they are heavy!  My father helped me bring it all the way upstairs.  We thought it would be harder to get it out of the basement than to bring it up to the spare bedroom, but we managed to get it to the ground floor without a problem.  After that it got interesting!  We took it up the stairs to the second floor one step at a time.  Each time we would rest the treadmill before going to the next step.  Each time we rested it, the treadmill gouged the step it was sitting on.  Once I get it shape I need to fix the stairs!  Actually, all they need is a little sanding and re-staining and they will be good as new.
After all of that I didn’t want to skip using it, I would feel bad after all of the work it took to get the treadmill up and installed in the room.  I managed to use one of the personal training programs, so I ended up doing a mile and a half in thirty minutes.  Not bad for the first day!

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